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I am Annie Christopher, a recent alum of the University of South Carolina, graduating Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in visual communications and a minor in business administration.  I am a trained graphic designer, photographer, videographer, and copywriter. My favorite part of the creative process is when I first learn about the project and my head is buzzing with a thousand ideas. My formal education has taught me how to strategically execute projects in order to attract an audience and peak interest.

Nice to meet you

For this project, I wanted to show that I can create original content for a brand with a strong identity. The inspiration for the campaign was the Hershey Kiss holiday commercial they have played every year since 1989 where the kisses represent bells and play "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". Since Hershey is such a widely known company, it was important to match the brand’s voice and look exactly. 


Tools used: Canon EOS R, studio lighting, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

Content Creation

Hershey Kisses

SoundSeeker App


SoundSeeker is a mobile device social media app that allows you to connect with others in your area through music. By allowing access to what you are listening to in real time, SoundSeeker can connect you to those in your designated location. You can follow friends, like songs that they are listening to, and message users to make new connections. The entire concept through the execution of the app was created by myself. 


Tools used: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD

Brand Photography

Froot Loops & The Ordinary

These images show how I can execute great product shots using different methods of lighting. My photo for Froot Loops was taken in studio using a key and fill method with an additional lighting source lighting the table from below. In order to have each portion of the picture properly lit, I used Adobe Photoshop to combine three separate images in post-production. The second Image for The Ordinary Brand uses only natural lighting. I set up the backdrop in front of a large window during peak sunlight and used a reflector to fill in any shadows. 

Photo 1: Canon EOS R, Adobe Photoshop, and studio lighting

Photo 2: Canon T5, light reflector, and Adobe Bridge

Cape Henlopen State Park

I chose to design a brochure for my favorite state park in my hometown. The idea for the cover art came from the Gordon’s Pond bike trail that crosses through the marshland. I wanted the cover of the brochure to showcase the wildlife, beach, WWII relics, and bike paths. I wanted the color palette to look natural yet eye-catching so that tourists are encouraged to learn more about the park. 


Tools used: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign

Tri-Fold Brochure 

Magazine Spread

I've always enjoyed traveling and doing spontaneous trips, so I decided to create a guide to Charleston, South Carolina. I took these photos while visiting my cousin, Emma. I wanted the images to look warm and inviting, like Southern Living.


Tools used: Canon T5, Adobe Indesign, and Adobe Firefly

Travel Photography

Bromley Mountain

I chose to rebrand a local ski resort that I frequent. I wanted the rebranding to reflect how the mountain is family-friendly and great for skiers and boarders of all ages and skill levels. The packaging for this project was rendered using artificial intelligence. 


Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Firefly

Rebranding Package

Digital Billboard

Final Victory Animal Shelter

These billboards were created for a local non-profit animal shelter. The cat in the picture, Peaches, was adopted from that shelter. It was a challenge to work with an animal, but it was also a lot of fun! 


Tools used: Canon EOS R, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe Photoshop

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